Kevin’s “Drone-ography” FAQ 12Mar14

Kevin’s “Drone-ography” FAQ

Many people have asked me similar questions about getting into aerial imaging.  I’ll update this list every time I get asked the same question more than ten times, so bring it on!  It’s a great hobby.  I hope it one day becomes a great profession.  But it’s confusing, tough to get started, and generally overwhelming.  None of my answers are “perfect” so let me know if you have something to add/improve. How should I get started? Easy: join the DC Drone User Group (or another DUGN if you live elsewhere).  Start going to all the events and [politely] asking lots of questions. I’m just a beginner but I want...

My Drones in Wash Post 21Aug13

My Drones in Wash Post

I’ve been working a lot on learning about remote-controlled aircraft for cinematography.  The thing is “remote controlled aircraft” is a quaint way of saying something more recently referred to as a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or Drone.  This matters, because the drones...

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