My Un-Shredding Brother on NPR Dec11


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My Un-Shredding Brother on NPR

Team holds giant checkBig ups to my brother Otávio and his team that won the DARPA Shredder Challenge.  DARPA brought them out to DC for the weekend to give a presentation about their process, and present them with their comedy-sized $50,000 check.  The prize was hard-earned, seeing as how the team spent around a month of full-time work (in addition to their regular full-time work) reconstructing the shredded documents.  I guess the moral of the story is that if you have a document that is so secret you’re afraid someone is going to sink $50,000 into reconstructing it, you should shred it, then chuck it in the fireplace, then throw the ashes in the sea, then reevaluate your life and why you have documents laying around that are that incriminating.  Maybe your problem isn’t your shredder at all?

For more info listen to my bro’ Otávio chatting up his win to Oddie Kornish onWeekend Edition.  “Kevin, that’s not how you spell Auddy Cornysh’s name at all!” you say?  Well they misspelled my brother’s name, so I’m throwing down some retribution fer’ serious y’all.